What Emerges? — Logos con carne

I’ve been thinking about emergence. That things emerge seems clear, but a question involves the precise nature of exactly what emerges. The more I think about it, the more I think it may amount to word slicing. Things do emerge. Whether or not we call them truly “new” seems definitional. There is a common distinction […]

What Emerges? — Logos con carne


Since I found Micatone randomly on the Internet some time ago, I’m just not able to just shut the fuck up about how in love I am with this guys, seriousy.
From the lyrics (where I can totally relate), till Lisa’s voice connected with the combination of the instruments and how they play with the sounds altogether just makes my ear smile.

This German Nu_Jazz band started around late 90’s. Some of the members met eachother in school and others came along the way.
You find Lisa Bassenge on the vocals, Boris Meinhold on the Guitar and Synth, Tim Kroker on the Drums, Sebastian „Hagen“ Demmin on the Keyboards (who worked previously as a live keyboard player with the band Daft Punk), Rogall on the sequence programming and finally Paul Kleber on the double bass.

Micatone has realesed till now 5 albuns:

In an interview for Megazinesixty, Boris talked about the band’s influences: “ You might find influences from 50s and 60s stuff, from Screaming Jay Hawkins over the Ventures, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield to modern bands like the XX or the Invisible. From every era we picked the stuff we like. We don´t have a mindset like: “I only listen to underground funk from 66 till 67 everything else is wrong.”

Voluntary trepanation — Stranger Beings

Voluntary trepanation seeks to alter the functionality of the human brain through direct alteration of blood flow by drilling a hole in the skull. The procedure is the oldest from of neurosurgery, practiced by various civilizations for both medical and magical purposes since prehistoric times. Dutch former medical student Hugo Bart Hughes (1934-2004) was a […]

Voluntary trepanation — Stranger Beings

Chester P for Mayor

Hip Hop, Homelessness & the Housing Crisis

-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzuPwTbo_tM (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Today’s post goes to one of my favorite UK Rappers Chester P, member of Task Force ( a 90’s British Hip Hop group. Which was also part his brother Farma G and some other people in the Music Industry like: Ramson BadBones, DJ Louis Slipperz(…).
Chester P was born in 21 June 1976 and raised in Highbury, North London (England).
Apart from having a Dad that makes me remember mine, from me to really like his music, and to share some indentical views about how society works and some utopian beliefs… This guy actually stands for something!!! This guy and all the people who helped him and contributed to his journey through „Hip Hop, Homelessness & the Housing Crisis“, a fucking nice, caring, human moviment against collective ignorance, capitalism, inequality of powers, contempt between humans, selfishness, greed and all that crap that seems we, as a society and community are slowly forgetting what is really going on around us. We are becoming more and more disinterested, heartless I guess?
What I wanted with this post, was sharing a little „Hey Dude, wake up…“. There’s still people who care about eachother that think outside this little fucked up box called „favorable economic system for all“, who stand for what they belive besides of all this lying system, besides of all the dirty corporations that try to get us away from each other and from our feelings as Human Beings.
It’s always nice to see little gestures like this. And is alsonice to see Humans being Humans in its most pure genuine form… Makes me less narcissistic, may I confess;)
So…..props for this Documentary (that i strongly recommend!!!) great, smart conversation going on, strong exchanges of ideas as well. Big big props for Chester P for being an Artist with big „A“, for staying humble, to create moviments like this and props for all the people involved!!!

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